You can find some of the remaining 0.1% pasted below this.



BLAH BLAH: A track from the "Internal Wrangler" album. A release which is astounding, faultless and, well, you just listen to the album.

EXTRA BLAH BLAH: People, mostly old people, talk about the galvanising and shock effect of hearing this or that band, but "IPC Sub-Editors Dictate Your Youth" was a genuine game changer. Some no mark band shitting on the hand that was offering career food. That's punk, that's balls and if more had followed that path there would be more Evil Bill than Simon Cowell, just saying.

WHERE NOW? Rather distressingly, they have a facebook site and that's here and there's the Wikipedia entry here.



BLAH BLAH: Obviously, we're in the post-everything era so you don't need to know that the guy who is Coucheron used to be some kind of mad, punky,  guitaring type and that is how and why he managed to do some side-slipping and source the best uber-cool brat-singer in the whole history of ever and harness her genius to his for "UFO". Pop music is more snaggle-toothed helter-skelter than logical procession, but all great pop engages and is loveable and "UFO" sets fire to the boxes and drops the ticks down your shorts and is flat out pop perfection without a real hook or chorus in sight. Take that Take That.

EXTRA BLAH BLAH: Look, we don't follow Coucheron, even though "UFO" puts them on some kind of permanent radar, but there is a huge, funny, tightly wound, laid back, but in your face thing going on with "UFO" and they have done that in the past and they may do that again tomorrow. We don't know. The links are below, if you hear before us, pile in.

WHERE NOW? Well, the official website is here and there's material on Spotify, Youtube and all that as well as ye olde Facebook page and that lives here.



BLAH BLAH: Yes, we mean the actual The Beatles. The actual The Beatles who were, despite being stupidly popular and successful, also flat out fucking brilliant. Anyway, being neither brilliant or successful (although often flat out) we stupidly condense their career  into one sublime moment.

















That's right, the effortlessly, classically, classless, yet peerless bass line that upsteps through "You Never Give Me Your Money". It's a bass perfomance that shows McCartney at his best, probably aching to showboat, but selflessly doing exactly the right thing for the team.

NOW WHAT? Well, just listen to the clip we've flagged up and then it's up to you.



A snagged and ragged acoustic chops quietly around a smoked oak vocal. That vocal wanders calmly through love lost, love maybe regained, sucide attempts, the hope and hopelessness of love, of any kind or flavour and this lil' cameo to go-go is, much like much love, a fake. Come back, it's only a fake in as much as the artist nicked the song (from Michael Stec) and the promo shite said that Nicky was in his teens (true) and that the song was written by him, (not true) but the song is utterly owned by Nicky William and that's some tip top owning because the original is  also a fine piece of song-smithing.









It's a sure bet that you are a smart pop-spotting judgement machine, but isn't this one of the few (many) occasions when the author loses their creation to the superior interpretation? Either way, "Fake Love" is the real deal.

NOW WHAT? Well the thief, Nicky William, has done other things and you can find them here and the original writer of "Fake Love" can be found here.



Okay, this artiste has done two things right and one thing wrong. The wrong thing was talking to us in our local (Hallo, Dragon Bar) and the right things were having a steel spined, but smiley attitude thing going on and the killer and the kicker was a batch of tracks that included "Sloppy Drunk".









This is one that gleefully rams the 1970's of Dave Edmunds right back into the filthy, swamp-splashing fifties, but the Alabama Shakes are in there too, somewhere and this is, somehow , important. "Sloppy Drunk" is taken from the "Ain't No Lady" album that you'll be checking out, round about now and you can do that here... https://sistersuzie.co.uk/home